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Buying Pallets or Truckloads

When starting out you need to decide if you’re going to buy a truckload or just a pallet. We offer both here at Continental Wholesale LLC. Starting with a pallet is lower risk due to the less money. You’ll have to pay a higher percentage when doing pallets than on a truckload. Truckloads can be […]

Advantages Of Visiting Liquidation Warehouse

One of the biggest advantages of visiting the warehouse is seeing the product first hand. You can see the difference between the categories, and quality between the loads. Not all liquidators will let you into they’re warehouse’s to see the operation. Continental Wholesale takes pride on our customers coming, and meeting us face to face. […]

5 Keys to Making Money On Liquidation Truckloads

5 Keys to Making money on Liquidation Truckloads. Buying quality merchandise at a good price. Cheaper isn’t always better. Getting a good price on shipping. Pallets have them shipped to a depot to save money. Specialize in product you’re comfortable with. Knowledge is key to sell the product. Work with multiple outlets to sell your […]

Visit Our Warehouse

Come Visit our Warehouses We have a OPEN Warehouse Policy You are Welcome to come and View our many Truck loads and Individual pallets. Take the guesswork out of buying loads of Discontinued, Overstock, Store Returns, Damaged box Loads, Shelf Pulls. Come pick out your own Load. Monday – Friday Contact one of our Representatives for a […]

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