What is salvage merchandise?

Salvage loads are made up of a variety of products which are being sold in bulk at a small percentage of retail or wholesale pricing, or items which can no longer be sold at their regular retail prices. Specific reasons the items may have been returned include: in-store display, out of box/damaged box, cosmetic blemishes or slight defect, buyer remorse, missing product components, defective, out of season, etc.

What is merchandise described as a closeout, excess or clearance?

Loads called closeout, excess or clearance may contain new items, shelf-pulls, overstock merchandise, out of season, and liquidated merchandise. Most of this merchandise is in perfect condition – with tags and labels.

Are there restrictions to promoting the brand name of the merchandise when I want to resell it?

You may NOT use the stores’ names or names of any of the store brands in your advertising, or in the selling and representation of their products.

Are all the items working or marketable?

Most items listed on our website are salvage/returns (unless stated otherwise). Returns may be damaged. The amount of damage may vary from load to load. You should expect to receive damaged items in loads of customer returned merchandise. Continental Wholesale prides itself on high quality merchandise and exceptional customer service. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the types of merchandise we offer.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Continental Wholesale accepts bank wires and money orders. We ship merchandise only after full payment is made.

What is FOB?

FOB means where the item is shipped from. Freight charges are calculated using origination and destination zip codes. We have strong relationships with many freight carriers in order to offer you the best freight rate. If you are interested in handling your own freight, please let us know.

Do you accept returns?

Merchandise is sold as is. All sales are final. Continental Wholesale is interested in your satisfaction and we pride ourselves in working with you to give you the very best of merchandise and service on all sales of merchandise.

What are some types of loads you carry?